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And after a while of silence......

“””””What is he doiiiiiiing!!!??? “””””

Everyone shouted the same words all at once.

“Hey, he turned over the lottery and picked up the number!”

“Th-That’s what it is!? That’s not fair! As the son of a great hero, what is he thinking?”

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“No, b-but... So, does that mean he chose Rebal as his opponent?”

“No way! That Rebal...”

“But is that a sudden confrontation between children of the heroes in the first round?”

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“No, no, they can’t allow this!”

Disapproval. Bewilderment. And, the reactions to the confrontation between the children of the heroes suddenly being set in the first match of the first round arise all at once.

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Although I have no idea what’s about to happen, but for now, I showed Rebal that this was my response.

“Heh... Earth...... you...”

“Hehe... This is my answer, Rebal.”

“...... What?”

“I’m here to prove myself, too.”

Rebal seems quite surprised, but on the other hand, as the situation became clear he seemed fired up with blazing passion.

“...... Okay! I accept your challenge!”