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Regardless, my level of vigilance against Amasawa had increased in my mind.

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“Ahh——My mouth is a little dry~. I’d like some coffee or something.”

As if craving for something, Amasawa asked for a drink with a voice that sounded like something a cat would make when getting petted.

Kei, who was listening to her voice and paying attention to her attitude, showed undisguised disgust.

“Go make a cup of coffee for Amasawa.”

“Eh? Me!?”

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“If you don’t like it, I’ll do it, and you can talk to Amasawa.”

“…I’ll do it.”

Making her coffee or talking with her. Kei seemed to have weighed the options and to choose the better decision.

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Kei stood up and headed to the kitchen, while behind her, Amasawa added a request to her order.

“Sugar and milk as well please~”

“Argh! I got it, I got it!”

Amasawa added to Kei, who was puffing out her cheeks violently.

“Don’t put garbage or sewage into my coffee because you don’t like me.”

“I wouldn’t do anything of the sort!”

Amasawa, who had no qualms about saying things that would infuriate others, laughed happily.

No doubt a little demon… No, maybe the demon wasn’t so little anymore.

After Kei left our sight, we were left alone in the living room for a while.

Amasawa looked towards the textbooks and the notebooks on the table.