Online and plan to make money

Online and plan to make money

Of course, player retention for those lured gamers was another issue entirely.

But at the very least, as long as they did the proper marketing and were willing to spend for it, even trashy games would generate some interest.

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But for a game to receive only a couple of hundreds of downloads after being online for an entire day? That didn’t make sense at all!

Bao Xu looked at Huang Sibo. “Brother Huang, don’t question Boss Pei. Someone who could think up of using Weibo to market Ghost General is definitely a master in the field. How could he not know of the importance of marketing?”

Huang Sibo shrugged.

The logic was not wrong.

However, it was clear that there was no marketing done such that Ocean Stronghold was in such a miserable state...

Huang Sibo even searched for it intentionally. Not only was Ocean Stronghold not on any other gaming platforms, it did not have any form of advertising or marketing attempts.

Could Boss Pei be waiting to unleash a ultimate move?

As though he could read Huang Sibo’s troubled mind, Bao Xu said, “I think that we just have to trust in Boss Pei. If he didn’t ask us to worry about marketing, we don’t have to worry about it.”

“Yes, that does sound right too,” Huang Sibo agreed with Bao Xu’s viewpoint.

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They weren’t in a position where they had to worry for a genius such as Boss Pei.