Which kinds of functions on the Internet can make money

Which kinds of functions on the Internet can make money

Although I acted sheepishly, I suddenly remembered one thing is wrong.

“Ah, sorry, I was wrong. It’s not one-to-one. Sorry.”

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They calmed down a bit somehow.

“I see. R-Really? If it’s just not you two…”

“Y-Yeah, Karen-san. If that’s the case, it feels like there’s a buffer…”

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I was relieved at what they said, so I continued.

“The ‘wealthy lady’ that shares an ‘adult relationship’ with him will sometimes join too. The three of us will ‘have fun’ together.”


The two beautiful girls finally screamed to the point that the whole school can hear them. …What’s with this exceptionally rare cutscene? Aguri-san and Uehara-kun even took the opportunity and kept taking photos of us. …I do hope that those two can be a bit more interested in my friendships.

When I’m sighing, Tendou-san went around to my side. She grabbed my shoulder and shook me crazily, and questioned.

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“WHAT. IS. GOING. ON!? Amano-kun!”

“Keita, …you’re horrible!”

Tendou-san’s face as red as a tomato, while Chiaki, who’s standing behind her, cried out loud. …Uh, seriously, what’s happening?

I still don’t really understand their emotions, but I tried to smooth things over.

“It’s nothing. …To put it simply, it’s just that a perfect university couple is willing to play and teach me…”

“That’s the problem we’re talking about! You’re too dirty, Amano-kun!”

“Ehh! I’m just playing games with them. Why do you have to describe it as dirty…?”

When I’m feeling annoyed, the two of them gave each other a confused look and asked.