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Based on this calculation-if Pei Qian spent ten days a month shooting, he could earn fifteen thousand a month.

This was rather significant considering how much Pei Qian was earning now. However… it didn’t seem that much either.

However, if it was an unrelated company that wanted to hire Pei Qian to act in movies, however much that company gave Pei Qian; the System would not care.

After all, there would be no misappropriating System Funds this way.

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Our third designated area of the day was H5.

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We wouldn’t be able to get there by walking along the beach, but it was a relatively decent location, all things considered.

“It’s a fair distance away, but we should easily be able to make it there without too much difficulty.”

“We should be able to manage it in an hour or so.”

Of course, if we wanted to go for the Early Bird Bonus, we’d need to move at a faster pace than we had this morning.

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However, even if we did, we’d probably only get a single point at most.

It was the type of situation that made me want to escape to a nearby Task instead, but most of the available Tasks were currently concentrated on the west side of the island. Since we were in the east, we didn’t really have very many options available to us.

Given that, would it be better for us to rush to H5 to try and get the Early Bird Bonus, or just take it slow and settle for the one-point Arrival Bonus instead?

It had already been three days since we first stepped foot on this island; it was time to make a decision.

“Nanase, how much water do you have?”

“I used up the last of what I had on hand this morning. All I have left is the bottle I was given from participating in the Task earlier.”