How to write online writing

How to write online writing

However, they ignored my confusion and continued the conversation while still holding their hands with a smile.

“H-Hoshinomori-san? If I remembered correctly, …your home is in the opposite direction of Amano-kun’s, right?”

“Ah, yes! But ‘the two of us’ ‘want to visit the game store’ ‘together’ before we go home! Ah, this is just a pure coincidence!”

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Chiaki told her this without meaning anything. Although Chiaki’s just describing the fact, …I don’t understand why she’s incredibly excited about staying next to her rival.

Just as I’m dumbfounded by this menacing aura that’s radiating around, Tendou-san’s face twitched even harder.

“R-Really…? Well. I-If you two are just going to the game store, it’s natural to go together. It can’t be helped, …perhaps.”

“Yes! Exactly! ‘It can’t be helped!’ Sigh, I can’t believe I’m going out with Keita. What a pain! …Hohoho.”

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The seaweed girl is laughing like an idiot. …What’s wrong with her?

(…Don’t tell me she’s planning to drag me into an alley and punch me when we’re heading back?)

Come to think of it, it’s reasonable for my rival to be this excited. I theorized that I’m in big trouble soon, so I started shivering. As for Tendou-san, her face kept twitching as she pressed on.

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“I-If that’s the case, …t-there are games that I want to check out too. Well, I don’t mind skipping the club today and going with you two…”

At the moment Tendou-san said that, Chiaki’s the one who’s smile turned stiff this time.

“Y-You can’t do that! There’s no way you can do that! Say no to skipping club activities!”

“I-I’m just skipping the club. Why are you saying that like I’m a drug addict…”

“No, no, no, it’s crucial to participate in clubs! Yes, no need to say anything! Tendou-san, you’re the Game Club president, right! That’s before you became Keita’s girlfriend! That’s before you became a member of the Game Hobby Club! That’s before you were even born!”

“Uh, I think my life’s more important than being a club president…”

Tendou-san was slightly startled by Chiaki’s enthusiastic attitude. As for me, …I can’t help but feel horror at what Chiaki just said. That’s because…

(The only reason that my rival is trying her best to persuade her, …yes, she’s definitely trying to beat me up! We’ll be going to some lonely and dark alleys!”