Is it true that I added WeChat online?

Is it true that I added WeChat online?

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When Tian Mo heard that he was going to open a shop, he nodded slightly and thought that it was finally normal.

If everyone from the sales department were to squeeze here without making any calls or distributing flyers, who would be able to find an office building?

If there was a shop, customers would at least be able to find a place. That would be more reasonable.

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What’s more, stores were a symbol of strength.

Large real estate companies like the Home Corporation had shops all over the various cities. Each shop covered the surrounding area. That made it easier to understand the situation of the entire area and formulate different strategies for different situations in various cities and regions.

Boss Pei did not specify what kind of store he wanted to open, so Tian Mo did not think too much about it. He thought that it might be similar to Home Corporation.

Pei Qian did some calculations. It would take some time to prepare if he really wanted to set up a shop. He had to make some preparations for the location of the shop, renovation, the specific structure, the clothing and training of the salespeople, and the like.

Tian Mo would definitely not be able to take charge of these preparations. He had to arrange for some professionals.

It was not that he had to make the preparation work especially perfect. He was mainly afraid that Tian Mo would not understand anything and prepare too slowly. It would be too much of a hindrance if the sales department could not be established by the time of the settlement.

At that thought, Pei Qian said to Tian Mo, “Alright, that’s all for today.”

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“I’ve already told you some of the basic principles of the sales department. When you go back, remember these principles firmly and memorize them word for word. Then, remember them at all times. You cannot violate them.”

“I’ll arrange for someone else to do the preparatory work. I’ll inform you when it’s ready.”

Tian Mo was stunned. “Er... are there other tasks?”

“Other tasks? No.” Pei Qian shook his head. “All you have to do in the meantime is to memorize these contents. I’ll check the next time I see you. You’ll fail if you don’t memorise them.”

Tian Mo quickly nodded. “Don’t worry, Boss Pei. I’ll memorize every single word!”

Tian Mo carefully kept his notebook and left Boss Pei’s office after confirming that he had no other tasks.

Tian Mo did not know what Boss Pei’s plan was, but he felt that it was brilliant. It seemed like as long as he fulfilled Boss Pei’s requirements seriously, all problems would be solved!