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“...... oh?”

Then, Toulowe finally jumped back, and retreated with some distance from me to escape.

Apparently, he still had enough legs to jump?

“Gih... gugi. brat...”

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“...... heh, you’re looking down on me just because I’m a kid, right?”

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Toulowe stared at me like he’s grinding his teeth.

However, he was unlikely to let the momentum get the better of him and jump on me again or anything.

Toulowe’s legs seemed to have already reached their limits.

He was beaten with my fist, his body was hurt and his movement was already dull.

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And then......

“Fu, ha, fuhahahahahah, g-good, Earth, that’s right, viciously beat that bug and capture it right away, that it is!”

...just as I was feeling better, a pig’s hoarse voice sounded.

“H-Here, if you do the credit for saving me and catching the bug, I’ll do you the favor of permitting you in the Imperial City again ――――.”

“Shut up, damn piiiiiiiig!!”

So, I said that. I shouted a foul-mouthed word at the Minister from a prestigious family.