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"I hear you've injured your leg? Show me".

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He said that before he pulled Kinoshita-san's leg out from beneath the sheets.

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"This is bad. Not half bad all things considered......".

Under Ryuuen-kun's hand was Kinoshita-san's painful-looking leg wrapped up in bandages.

"Sorry.....I tried to hang in there and participate in the next contest too leg just wouldn't listen.....that's why.....ahh!".

"Don't blame yourself, Kinoshita. I know you tried to participate in the three-legged race".

" was an accidental collision. Kinoshita-san, what exactly are you trying to accomplish by saying I made you fall?".

When I questioned her with a slight glare, Kinoshita-san averted her eyes. Ryuuen-kun then stood in front of her.

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"According to what Kinoshita's been saying, you fully intended on making her fall. You deliberately did it, didn't you?".

"Cut the jokes. Are you saying I'd do something like that?".

"You can never tell what someone will do. Besides, look at the facts. Kinoshita, who happens to be better than you at sports, sustained serious injuries and had to withdraw. On top of that, she was planning on participating in all the Recommended Only Participation events later. In contrast, you continued participating in the contests in spite of your injury. You're asking the impossible if you want me to not be suspicious of that".

I too, understand the significance of losing a member from a complete roster. But from the loquacious explanation he gave, my misgivings of him rose further. Was having Kinoshita-san run into me his goal, as I suspected?

Was having her in particular collide with me a sacrifice to throw off suspicion, since she's more athletic than I am?

But.....that would lead to further doubt. What does he stand to gain from having Kinoshita-san collide with me when she is far likelier to earn points than I am? Furthermore, if she truly had been planning on participating in all the Recommended Participation Only events then that means Class C stands to lose as many as 400,000 points. Is this all solely for the sake of crushing me and basking in victory?

For just that, does he mean to injure his own classmate, pay the price for that and lower their chances of winning?

At the very least, from what I've experienced in my life this far, I couldn't glean any meaning from such an act of inefficiency.

"What are you thinking about so quietly?".