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After a round of appreciation in the mirror, I looked at the empty room once again before smiling confidently.

Yes, in reality, I’m not the hardworking, kind, and innocent student president like everyone thought I am. I only pretended I am for my interests and hobbies. Deep down, I’m the complete opposite, and there’s should be no way for me to become the president.

The only reason that I climbed on the way up here is to satisfy my hideous desires, to gain control of the Hekiyou Student Council, and make it my own property.

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Finally, the day is here, I can finally stay in the student council office alone without raising any suspicion.

“Let’s begin…”

I’m going to materialize my dark plans.

“Let’s find the student council’s dark and sinful legacy. Yes, I’m going to…”

This is me.

The unusual and bizarre monster that is supposed to creep under the eternal darkness.

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That’s right, I, Student President of Hekiyou High School, am actually-

“Let’s find the legendary adult game!”

-a completely fallen girl who loves adult games

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Jealousy, curses, contempt.

The male who once had everything in the world, in a sense.

“Hentai King” Key?JC?Capstone.