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“At present, the real motive of the murderer was not clear. The police had not discovered any feud between him and Mr. Jeff. The murderer seemed to have a mental disorder and refused to answer any questions from the police. He just kept repeating the word ‘liar’. This channel will continue to track this case...”

On the final news screen, the protagonist’s parents, his wife, and his children were crying at his funeral.

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That was the end of the rich version of the game.

He An was a little confused.

That’s it?

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What did this ending mean? My career just took off and then everyone disappeared? Who was the murderer? Why did he want to kill me?

Did I choose some wrong option that ended up with this tragic ending?

That didn’t seem a little right. It really felt wrong somewhere.

He An thought about it carefully. The flow of the entire game seemed to be okay. The transition between the various scenes was very natural; the details were also very good. There was a sense of substitution.

Only the ending was too abrupt, there was no foreshadowing about what was going to happen!

He An thought about it and felt that perhaps he had missed out on certain links or steps. He might be able to hit another ending if he played a second time or if he were to play the poor version.

There were at least a dozen routes to choose from after all. There might be some other options that could change his fate.

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However, He An did not plan to try a second time now since this ending had caused him serious psychological trauma.

The game was made very well as a whole, be it the story, plot, lines, screen details. There was nothing to fault it with. The only thing was that this ending made the person playing confused.