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It was written with a powerful brushwork,『August 8th, the opening banquet at the Underground Training Area!』

While I was reading through the poster,

「Oh? Allen-kun, you don’t know?」

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The president who noticed me, came up behind my back and leaned onto me and peered at the poster.

「Y-Yes. What is this『First-Year War』?」

「The First-Year War, is a competition for the 『First-Year Student Quota』of the Sword King Festival – a swordsmanship tournament for first-year students only!」

「Swordsmanship tournament… only for first-year students…」

I don’t know what the Sword King Festival is, but『Swordsmanship Tournament』sounded very good.

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「It’s about time we recruited people who wish to participate… I think you’ll hear from your homeroom teacher at the last period today.」

Which reminds me, didn’t Leia-sensei say that there will be a message during the last homeroom…?

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(……I want to go.)

I want to compete with Ria, Rose, and everyone else in Class A…

When I was feeling so excited, the president clapped her hands.

「Here! Concentrate on your work, more than about the First-Year War! Let’s finish it quickly!」