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To Bro’s serious question as if he were sure of everything, baguette head resigned himself and gave a feeble nod.

“Sorry, Bro... Oh, I... I was suddenly handed the money...... even if I knew it’s no good, it’s just pocket money, so I’m told that it’s okay. So...”

“Ah~...... ah~.... geez.”

Bro sighed as he slipped down, resting his body on the back of the chair.

Then he lifted his face and asked Chitsue.

“So, what do you want me to do? Fire him...... I doubt that’s what you’re here to say.”

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To answer the question, Chitsue stopped eating and leaned forward.

“Certainly, if this were to be revealed to his Majesty, this gambling house will be done for and your place will be gone. Right.”

“That’s right...”

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“But I don’t want you crushed here, and most of all, I consider you to be family. Ain’t it. You are delinquent and mischievous kids, but I cannot bear to have the adults steal away this garden for that single mistake. Ain’t it. So, as a parent, I’ll take care of it. See.”

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Rather than punishing the hoodlum who broke the rule, Chitsue was trying to do something about it.

However, I don’t feel any warmth in Chitsue’s use of the word “family”.

Rather, there is a pungently nasty smell floating in the air.

“But since I, as a father, will go through a lot of trouble to forgive your wrongdoing, I want you all to listen to my little request as a parent. That I do.”

Look at that. Sure enough, he brought up “exchange conditions”.