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“So? From what Nanase’s told me, sounds like you lot want my class to help ya out.”

From the sound of it, he seemed to think that Class 1-D was already completely under his control, his property.

It had only been about two weeks since he came to this school, and yet he spoke without even the slightest hint of uncertainty in his voice.

“It’s slightly different from that. We’re looking to have our two classes collaborate with each other. There would be no difference in status between us, a relationship of equality so to speak.”

“Oh really? So you aren’t gonna bring up the fact that you’re one grade up on us, eh? Ain’t lettin’ yer seniority get to yer head. Smart move.”

As Hōsen spoke, Nanase quietly observed without expressing any of her own thoughts on the matter.

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Given that she had taken up the crucial role of a mediator and that she was the only person that Hōsen had brought with him to the discussion, it was probably safe to assume that Nanase was someone that Hōsen acknowledged.

I found myself wondering if he was impressed with her courageous ability to state that she wouldn’t yield to his threats of violence or if it was something else entirely. Either way, there was still a way to force her hand and pull Nanase over to our side.

“I’m well aware that a certain number of first-year students don’t care very much about their classmates being in trouble. However, if you take a look at us, at our class, I’m sure you’ll understand that sooner or later there will come a time when you’ll need the assistance of your peers.”

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“So, yer sayin’ we should work together and avoid havin’ anyone flunk out? That right?”

“If you really do possess so much authority over your class that you’ve come to see your classmates as your own property, then that only makes this whole process that much more convenient. All it should take is one command and you’d have most of your classmates ready to follow, right?”

Instead of answering, Hōsen thrust his left pinky finger into his ear and started twisting it around for a bit.

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And then, once he was done, he held it up and blew on it in Horikita’s direction.

Sudō’s expression hardened immediately, but he kept in line with Horikita’s warning and did his best to put up with it.

His clenched fists were shaking, pressed up against his thighs.

However, Horikita simply accepted Hōsen’s blatantly vulgar conduct head-on.