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Perhaps she’s planning to eat up every single food in the party hall.

(Well, I should get ready soon…)

I’m a little worried because I don’t know what the president is up to. But I can’t afford to be absent just because of that.

I inserted the present which I bought in the town of Orest beforehand in the bag, and changed outfits.

「Ta-da! What do you think?」

From the back room, Ria, wearing a Santa hat, asked for my impression.

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Wearing a red and white fluffy fabric, a Santa hat with a hairball at the tip, she was so cute, to say the least.

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「Yes, it looks very good on you.」

「O-Oh? …Ehehe, thank you.」

She looked very happy.

「Nee, nee, show me yours too, Allen!」


Being urged by Ria, I reluctantly put it on.

「W-What do you think…?」

It was a reindeer headgear with two horns.

「Fufu, it’s cute…」