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money sense stock picks 2021

As I asked so conservatively,


He looked at me with a surprised look.

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「Eh, no, err… I mean, I would like to know how many seconds it was…?」

「I’m also curious as to how many seconds the record is. I would be happy if you could tell us without delay.」

Leia-sensei also asked in addition to my own question.

As she did,

「N-No no, what are you two saying from just now? He still hasn’t cut the bamboo, you know?」

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The measurer tilted his head confusedly.

「No… I have already cut it…」

「Yes, it’s as Allen says.」

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When I gently poked the bamboo in front of me with my fingers, the cleanly bisected bamboo, slowly slipped on to the ground.

At that moment, the classmates who watched behind became noisy.

「N-No way…!?」

「I couldn’t see it at all…」

「Seriously, when did he draw the sword…!?」

At the same time, the measurer who was keeping his eyes peeled, immediately ran to the bamboo that had been split in two.

「Im-Impossible…!? I, a 50 year veteran… overlooked an Iai slash…!?」