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『Oh my God』

"And with this I have proved once and for all that my existence is a perfect one".

The boys who were used as living witnesses could not even make a sound.

"Are you really even human?".

Before the overwhelming power that goes beyond nationality, all Sudou could do was offer up those words.

If Sudou and Katsuragi are rifles and Albert is a bazooka. Then Kouenji would be a tank.

Nobody could go against that overwhelming firepower.

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Its colossal size, armor and firepower would knock anyone over.

It's very likely that no one capable of stopping Kouenji would be showing up now.

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As for why, that's because in this large bath there's not another student capable of beating Albert.

It was when everyone was on the verge of admitting that.

"Kuku. Hold it right there, Kouenji".

A voice called out. It came from the bathtub that Kouenji had been in until a while ago.


Someone recognized him.

He's the man who was keeping himself warm in the jetted tub near Kouenji. The former leader of Class D, Ryuuen Kakeru.

The man who must have been observing Albert and Kouenji's fight had lively eyes.

"Surely you aren't saying you're a match for me?".