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"I wonder what I would've done then".

While saying that, I thought it over. I probably would've used the one who knew about me, Sakayanagi, instead.

And if that doesn't work then---no, there's no point in considering plans that are no longer necessary.

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"Either 10 minutes or 20 minutes. I plan to be back by then".

I climbed the stairs.

Step. By. Step.

As I slowly made my way up, a black shadow appeared before me. The gate watcher holding the road to the rooftop.

He's silently watching me with a daunting pose.

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It's Yamada Albert from Class C. He hasn't made a single move yet. The perfect watchdog.

I don't know the details but he's probably one of Ryuuen's underlings too.

He looks down at me as though appraising me.

"May I pass?".

I don't even know if he understands Japanese but I'll try talking to him.

But Albert remained perfectly still and continued to observe me.

Is his silence meant to imply refusal? Or a lack of comprehension? It's frustrating how it's hard to tell.