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Although her hobby is hentai games, Konoha-san is still a pretty serious person. So, I can’t imagine her chatting with us casually at all.

We started playing again after taking a deep breath. Eventually, we finished upgrading the roadblock.

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The task ended as we looked at the screen silently.

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…Honestly, the upgraded numbers aren’t anything out of the ordinary. Although the color of the wood changed, the actual performance only increased by about 10%!<(MISSING)/p>

However, even so.

Even so, the two of us…felt pretty satisfied after finishing the upgrade.

We can’t help but laugh after looking at each other.

“Even if it’s just a little, as long as we’re moving forward, …I can enjoy it to the fullest.”

“You’re right. Well, at least I think this level is just right for ourselves.”

Our conversation grew from here.

“…Well, let’s move toward the next small goal!”


-The two of us will probably continue playing games at our own pace from now on.

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Sitting on the campus bench, I opened a bottle of sweet wine during this lethargic winter.

When did I buy a hot drink without caffeine at this university? The end of January. Even though the month is at its end, this is my first sweet wine of the year. I guess this sounds like something I, Ayumu Kiriya, would do.