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It's really a case on online making money.

Available Stock.

Available Stock.

There was still available stock!

He watched as his order status went from ‘out of the warehouse’ to ‘in transit’, and then from ‘in transit’ to ‘out for delivery’. It was almost lunch time, but the word ‘sold out’ still had yet to appear on the page!

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Qiao Liang was completely speechless.

“What a scam!”

“I thought that I’d finally snatched it. In the end, they had so many stocks this time? Everyone has a share!”

He looked at the fan group and the internet. Indeed, not many people had managed to grab the Doubt VR glasses.

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On top of that, many old gamers who had previously won expressed that there was an additional promotional page on the front page of Doubt VR glasses. A new game called “Animal Island” has appeared!

Qiao Liang suddenly understood.

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“I understand now!”

“It looks like we’ve entered the final stage of the publicity work!”

Qiao Liang had already suspected it when he heard that Boss Pei was in charge of this unreasonable publicity plan.

Qiao Liang had a rough guess after thinking hard for so many days and combining the previous publicity method for Game Designer.

However, this conjecture was not perfect.