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The right joystick would not change the vision smoothly because it would cause players to feel dizzy. It would only provide such a huge change of vision.

The operation mode was slightly different in the balanced car state. The right joystick would only allow the eyes to look in the corresponding direction, but once it was released, it would immediately return to the direction in which the balanced car was moving. This was consistent with the racing game.

In addition, considering that gamers who were afraid of fainting might accidentally touch the left joystick, the game settings also had a complete lock-on and prohibited the movement of the joystick.

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This teleportation mode was very enjoyable to Meng Chang.

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Among the three modes of movement, he loved balancing cars because they did not make him dizzy and gave him the pleasure of driving.

The speed of the balanced car was not fast. The maximum acceleration of the accelerator was only about 50km/h, and it could only be reached after a long period of acceleration.

This speed was incomparable to some flying transports in racing games that had 300km/h.

However, because it was in the VR environment, the overall immersion was not on the same level as the computer screen. What’s more, the island itself was not big. Thus, the speed was not considered slow. It was still quite exciting.

After that, he tried out the mini games.

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These mini games did not have a specific entrance. They could use different tools through roulette.

For example, if they saw wild animals on the island, they could use the wheelbarrow to choose a bow or use a shotgun to kill the animals. Then, they could pick up the animal skin, beast meat, and other dropped items from the corpses.

There was no need to do the entire process of skinning like many realistic games as it was a casual game. That would be more troublesome and look too bloody after all.

After animals fell to the ground and died, they would smoke and turn into pieces of meat, hides, and other materials. Players could just pick them up.

The entire process required a controller, and the controller would provide very realistic feedback.