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How could they be so strong? They had won all competitions with 3: 0 from the top eight. Moreover, from the results of the competition, there was basically no suspense. The other party had no chance at all.

This suffocating pressure made everyone admit that FV Team was currently the most domineering IOI team in the world. Not only was it the only existence, but there was also a huge gap between it and the runner-up, FRY Team.

The official host of Finger Games also had many questions to ask.

FV team members and coach Zhou Pengyuan stood in a row, each wearing a championship medal, holding their heads high, waiting to be interviewed.

The host began to interview the players one by one, from the top laner to the jungler, then to the mid-laner, and finally to the coach.

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The host came to the top laner first. He asked the question he had prepared beforehand after letting him greet the audience. “In the second round, the team snatched the hero Chaos Misfortune for you. May I ask what tactical considerations did you have? What is your understanding of this hero?”

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The top laner player thought for a while and answered, “According to the analysis of our coach team, this hero is basically invincible in the mid to late stages. If he can ensure development in the early stages, he will definitely win. That’s why we snatched him.”

“My understanding of this hero… as long as he has hands, he can win as long as he smoothens his face and rolls on the keyboard.”

After hearing the translation, the host could not help but laugh. “As long as you have hands? You’re very confident. Can you evaluate the contestant who was against you today?”

The top laner player thought for a while. “I think he controls his characters quite well. However, whether we win or lose has nothing to do with him. My team is slightly better than his team.”

The audience cheered and whistled after hearing the translation.

Before this, Pan Ying had been acting cool when he was interviewed during the semifinals. For example, “99%!o(MISSING)f the situation was planned”, “3: 0 is not surprising”, “Coincidentally, the other party’s performance was all within our team’s expectations and did not need to be improvised”, and so on.

Only now did he realize that Captain Pan Ying was not the only one with such a character. The entire team was similar!

The top laner’s ‘as long as they had hands’, ‘they could even win by rolling their faces on the keyboard’, and ‘their opponents were quite formidable’ also highlighted a faint posturing.