What are the conditions for making money online?

What are the conditions for making money online?

“Please manage your time better tomorrow, everyone. It’ll be best if you could stop typing at 6 PM sharp.”

Cui Geng, who was seated in the far corner, heaved out a long sigh. He leaned back in his ergonomic chair and stretched.

He glanced at the word count on the screen.

…8,177 words. Cui Geng could not help but feel emotional. Who would’ve thought that a no-show like me would be able to write over eight thousand words in a single day?! Although he could constantly check on his word count throughout the day and Cui Geng already had an idea that he had written that much, he still felt incredulous.

That was because he had thought that he hadn’t been very efficient today.

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He could not surf the web, watch videos, or play games. That made him extremely uncomfortable.

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What’s more, although the furniture was comfortable, the screen was huge, and the keyboard was nice to use; this was not a familiar environment. Of course, he had felt out of place.

He had also experienced writer’s block in the middle of the day.

If he had been in such a state at home, Cui Geng would have ended up with four thousand words at most, but he would already have considered that to be quite good.

Yet, he had managed to write about eight thousand words here!

Cui Geng felt proud of himself. He really wanted to shout ‘who else can do this?!’

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At that moment, the two authors seated opposite him stood up. “I feel like writing together in this office has really increased my efficiency!”