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What are the methods for making money on security online?

The point here was that there was no goal.

Even a short video had to first be creative and had a general direction. Therefore, everyone had to think about ideas, work on the script, find actors, and set the scene to prepare for shooting—plus editing and post-production...

Time was not enough no matter how they looked at it.

Of course, they could definitely make it if they did not bother about quality and just did it casually. The problem was that Fei Huang Workspace was now well-known. The short videos, documentaries, and movies they made in the past were all received with enthusiasm. Would they not be tarnishing their own brand if they were to make something random?

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What was more, everyone had been in ‘shock’ for so long, and they were all dying to show that they were worth their salt. Ordinary projects were simply not even considered.

Therefore, this matter became awkward. They did propose several plans, but they were shelved because they could not meet everyone’s demands.

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Huang Sibo was very helpless as well. Both he and Zhu Xiaoce were decision-makers. It was very distressing to kill several projects in a role, but there was no other way to ensure the quality of their work.

However, Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce also understood the meaning of shock therapy that Boss Pei gave everyone.

Huang Sibo threw several plans on the table in the office and massaged his throbbing temples. “As expected, I was too optimistic previously. A small test from Boss Pei is enough to stump us.

“We all feel like we are superior before the ‘shock therapy’ since our movie was doing very well and obtained rewards, every one of us became conceited. After the shock therapy, we feel that we have laid a solid foundation and accumulated inspiration and great ambitions.”

“However, we have no idea now after Boss Pei asked us to make a small and beautiful project in a short time!”

Zhu Xiaoce nodded. “Yes, because inspiration and direction are really too important.

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“Our projects succeeded previously because we had good inspiration and direction. We could add bricks and tiles to build the skyscraper.”

“Moreover, these inspirations and directions were mainly from Boss Pei. We are at a loss now that Boss Pei is silent.”

Right that moment, a knock came from outside the office.